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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Helen of Troy by Sarah Daltry

Helen of Troy is written by Sarah Daltry; but in a different way that we as readers over the years have come to read about Helen. This story has so much depth in it - you really get to know about Helen , her family , lovers and how she came to become Queen not only Sparta but also Troy. The passion of a 19 year virgin wanting nothing more but marriage of love instead she gets treated like a slave because she taken against her will. Helen falls in love with who takes her ( kidnaps her) and takes her virginity away. Along the way- her brothers find her take her back home with her lovers mother- whom they place in the dungeon. (Shame on them) They hatch a plan to get rid of their sister Helen before anyone in the kingdom finds out she is a whore!! This story has plenty of sex , so I recommend it for readers over the age 18 and above. As my website says. Helen husband is a naughty man - to me he is a whore dog. But you will need to read this book Sarah you have done an outstanding job writing this book. Once I started reading I could not put it down.!!! I have to give you 10 stars on everything!!! I just wish out history teachers had reading this story of Helen it sure would of made history alot more interesting!!!! Way to Go Sarah!!! Please keep Writing!!!! And Thank you Sarah's Team for the Gift because it sure was a pleasure reading this book!!!

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