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Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Keeper: Revenge (The Keeper Series, #2)The Keeper: Revenge by O.L. Ramos
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG!!! First before I ever get into the story let me say this I received a ARC from the author O. L. Ramos for an honest opinion and this is mine. Now that this is said. I can now get on with OMG!! OMG!!!
Did he really hit it out of the ball park with book 2 "Revenge"" Poor Liz has had her world changed upside down so much. She has gone from going to work everyday and College even having to put up with seeing the shrinks. Now she is the "Keeper" and Vinnie and Micheal are having are having to protect her from evil. The evil vamp Klein thinks that he is gonna take over the world now thats the million dollar question. Does he?? And does Liz find her mother Mary?? If she does, what about having any siblings??
See ... too much going on ... I will tell you this though if you follow me to my blog I have some information that you just might want to know about book 3 straight from the author O.L. Ramos as I interviewed him for my blog. The book is called "The Keeper Rebirth" my blog address is

View all my reviews I had the pleasure of Interviewing O.L Ramose the other day. He was such a joy to talk with Hello band welcome ... O. L. Ramose Hey great to hear from you. It's a real treat: I'm honored and humbled. I have just few questions for you. Me) What inspired you to write the book "The Keeper and by that I mean did any of the information that you pulled from -the town was it from your childhood ? O.L>) It's always been my dream to be writer. I've been trying to get this off the ground since I was 8 years old... so it's been a while ,heh. The inspiration for "The Keeper" was really organic . I always found myths, legends,and folklore to be extremely interesting. But, I thought the werewolves and vampires were overshadowing all the other critters that get talked about in the stories. So I wanted to create a story that was much more grounded in the myths of the original tales. I took some liberties with the legends , (adapting them to be able to interact with humans and depend on them. And of course, creating a new species of super). but all in all , I think I stayed very true to the original tales of the creatures. Me) Can we expect a 3rd Book??? O.L ) Oh definitely. The third book will be " The Keeper :Rebirth" and it will be coming out before years end. Look for it!! Things are really going to take a turn for the crazy now!! Me)Who are your inspirations for the characters of the books? O.L) I think most writers, we write what's close to our hearts.The characters are especially dear to my heart because they embody a lot if what I think of myself and what I value in life. For example , Micheal's honesty is something I hold really important , even outside of the books. But I tend to talk a little more like Vincent..hehe Me)How long does it normally take to write a book?? O.L) This can vary GREATLY> I always try to write when I get a spark of creativity. Sometimes , I will just sit in front of my computer until I get some chapters knocked out. Luckily, I don't really ever have to force myself to write, so I can knock out a book within a few months of focusing on it. That is after coming up with the general story I want to be present of course!!That's probably the hardest part. Thank you for joining us today. We look forward to reading your next book. The Keeper:REBIRTH OK BOOK WORMS!!! I have some INSIDE INFORMATION ON "THE KEEPER:REBIRTH" THIS IS FROM THE AUTHOR O.L.RAMOS !!!!!! AND i AM THE FIRST TO GET THIS INFORMATION SO YOU HAVE READ IT HERE FIRST!!! IN REBIRTH---He plans to open up the world that Liz and friends live in. He thinks that with what is going to happen in this book, it definitely introduce a lot of new characters and different species of supers. It also going to be much larger in scale , the consequences are going to be more extreme. Oh yes!!! Remember Cain? Well Cain will be revisiting us with a much more prominent role. That's a pretty big piece of NEWS!!!, also there is a new character coming in, not sayibng who but he is someone who is very familiar with Cain. Now Remember Look for The Keeper "REBIRTH to come out sometime in December. I will posting here on my blog the cover reveal and also a review of the book. So watch my blog or follow me....

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