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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In Laim's Wake The Make Shift Solider

I was honored to Beta read this book for this author [author: Ashlyn Forge|7079034] .When I started reading this book I was unsure of what I was gonna read about.
  I was very much surprised.  This book is awesome! It is not a fast read.I would definitely
say it is a great read.

  It tells the story about a person who does not realize that he loves a person until it is almost to late. To find out if he is too late you will need to read the book. I rated this book as a 10 star ,
  I have waited till now to post my reviews of In Laim's Wake & and From Joanna To Tannenbauem . Ashlyn Forge currently has a a contest going from Sept 3rd till Oct 3rd. The release dates of these two books will be in December.
  Ashlyn you have a very imagination beyond belief. Go girl.. So looking forward to rest of the books!!!  

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