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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Take of the Book "Never"........ hmmmmm

Never is a young girl with a broken soul she want to be "Loved, she doesn't date nice guys just the bad ones!! She meets back up with Ty in a bar after several years the book revolves around her and Ty the entire time. You see there is a series of Never Books .... The first one is
Tasting Never
The second is..
Finding Never
Third is
Keeping Never
Fourth is
Never Can Tell
And the Fifth one is...
Never Let Go
My over all take of these books is this The characters are super, scenes are great. You actually believe that you are there with Ty, Never and the rest of them. My favorite character however is Never, even though she seems lost an broken at the end she finds everything she is looking for. MY rating of the book(s) is a 15 star . And I say to everyone you gotta get your copy. I know I am....

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