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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jourdyn Kelly's Flawed Perfection another Triple Star Rating..

I rec'd this book as an ARC from Jourdyn Kelly in exchange for an honest opinion/review. And this is mine. This book is starting right where "Something about Eve" left off. It could be a stand alone book. However, I suggest that this book is in a series. Jourdyn Kelly- has has done it again with her amazing writing skills. She has captured the characters, the scenes, and the plot of the story so much that you believe that you are there with Eve and Lainey. The story starts out once again with someone gunning for Eve. Except this time, her father is dead ; and they have no leads as to who would want her dead. Her gallery is almost destroyed again. Then as she is having a party at her house, someone has broken in ; gotten into her private paintings. You know the ones where she has had her loving hubby painted nude; at any rate they took his painting and with a knife from the throat down slit it. I am not gonna give any more away. As I really want you to read this book. I held me capture from the first page to the last. I want more!!! I give this book 20 stars based on her writing/plot/characters/scenes/story telling. You are totally a Genius!!!!! I sure hope that we have more of Eve and Lainey to come!!!

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