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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hey Hey The Day is Finally Here "NEVER" has arrived on my Blog!!!!

I sure hope that everyone for Never like I am. Here is a taste of Never and I do mean a taste of Never of Never. Believe you me , after reading this you will be wanting to running out your front keyboard to get a copy of this book by C.M Stunich.
    It is recommended for Ages 18 and Up. And it is a Very New and Gotta Read  Adult Novel.
Let me Introduce you to a couple of guys in the book....

Tortured bad boy. Pierced eyebrow, pierced lip, nose ring. Butterfly tattoos on both
arms. Dark hair. Black soul. Ty has a dirty mouth but somehow manages to always
say the right thing. Dropping the F-bomb is an art form for him. Unless you're name is
Never, don't call him by his full name; Ty is just fine, thank you very much. And just
because he used to work as a whore doesn't mean you can call him one. He might be
passionate, full of tender love that twists and twines around the heart of Miss Regali, but
he's still a bad ass. A color coordinated, ring wearing, bracelet loving bad ass

and then there is ....

Black hair, red streak, hazel eyes with green and blue flecks. Has seven, that's right,
seven sisters. Never's had a hard life. I mean, watching your father be murdered right
before your eyes? That's not exactly something that's easy to live with. So she turned to
sex to feel better, following dark souls and naughty boys into back rooms and alleyways.
Until she meets Ty McCabe. Oh yes. Until she meets him, that one, perfect, shining bit
of light in all the blackness. And then she finds out that it's not too late, it's never too late
to change.

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