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Monday, July 29, 2013

Something About Eve --- OMG I Couldn't Put It Down!!!

I have to say that this book is the most awesome book that I have read. It has some some porn in it. Which I found was extremely written terrific. From the very first page of the story I found myself drawn into Eve's story. I had to read more and more. I could not put it down until the very last sentence ; and then I was wanting more. 
This story is about a woman by the name of Eve - who is being haunted by her past . She is the owner of several business's - a restaurant-an art gallery-and sever others. She hires a married women by the name of Lainey who is having problems with her marriage to be her assistant in the gallery. Eve and Lainey hit off real well. They become close friends- as they become closer they find themselves exploring a relationship between them.They find themselves drawn into a loving relationship between themselves. They decide to explore their feelings for each other. As neither is happy with in there current one. All the while Eve is being hunted by her father. Yup you read that right. See there something about Eve - that makes everyone want her. 
This story is full of love-desire- finding oneself and find out who you are. Jourdyn brings all the characters to life. She makes us see compassion in Lainey how much she cares for her sons, Eve and and the end her husband Jack.
The plot is amazing! I am so looking forward to a follow up of this book. As it leaves you wondering - I sure hope we see more of Eve, Adam, Laundry, Jack and the kids.
For the outstanding work on this book. With everything I am going to give a rating of 25 stars!!!!!!
Please Jourdyn keep up the OUTSTANDING,AMAZING,AND TERRIFIC JOB!!!!!!!!
WAY TO GO !!!!!!
And please please give us more of Eve and Lainey!!

Something About Eve by Jourdyn Kelly

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