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Friday, July 26, 2013

Name- William Stradict
D.O.B- April, 17th, 1979
Age- 32
Eye Color- Silver Grey
Hair Color- Sandy Brown
Height- 5’11’
Weight- 165lbs
Home Town- Ashland, Mississippi
Parents- Larik and Mary Stradict
Siblings- Conner Stradict
Favourite Color- Blue
Best Friend- Brother, Conner
When I grow Up- I just don’t want to be in pain anymore.
Relationship Status- Single

William’s Self Introductory:
Where do I start? A long time ago I happened to save my brother’s life from the woman he loved more than anything on the night he lost everything. Now he had to do things that go against everything he tries to stand for to help me in hopes to save me, but we both know there is nothing that will help. All I can hope for is I can hold on long enough to see him find what he needs to sedate the pain that plagues him every moment of everyday.

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