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Friday, July 26, 2013

Kasey Delmont
D.O.B. November 24th, 1983
Eye Color--Green
Hair Color--Fiery Red
Height---5 ft 5 ins
Weight 120 lbs.
Hometown--- Cleveland , Ohio
Parents--Larry and Susan Delmont 
Favorite Color--Green
Best Friend---Sarah Belview 
When I grow up-- I want to be happy and marry someone who can be my best friend.
Relations Status----hmmmmm singlde-ish

Kasey's Self Introduction:
   I am just your aver girl , moved awaz from home with my best friend Sarah, to get away from the hometown drama of life and find mz place in the world. Some people just know what they want to do, me I didn't really have a clue and just went through the motions until hopefully one day I would find my thing, the thing that would define me as a person and make me stand out. Then I woke up strapped to a bed in a strange house and that's when it all started      

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